Full name

Kevin James Pople, Dip, BA (Hons), ISOGG, RVS, MVS, MS


Genetic Genealogy


Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales (Cym), United Kingdom (UK).


I help adults gain a greater insight and maximise their efforts on drawing with the Burne & Pople Life Drawing Studios.


PNAM MVS Menai Bridge Unit, Resident Artist RVS, Tutor, Life Drawing Director, Co-Founder, Admin, Researcher, Founder

Welcome to the Pople Family Association website, In Remembrance of Frank Ernest Pople, R.F.C, 1878 - 1966 (my Great-Grandfather) and Kenneth Arthur Stone Pople, 27.11.1917 - 2.11.2008, Husband of Sheila, Father of Carolyn, Christopher, David, Anthony, Jaqueline and Ian, Grandfather of Sixteen Grandchildren.

POPLE Etymology: 'one who lived at the popple-tree' (into English as ‘poplar’, classified as Anglo-Norman from the French ‘peuplier’, from the Old French ‘pueple’, from the Latin ‘populus – a poplar tree (** see the Piazza Popolo)’, the ultimate origin is unknown; perhaps from Etruscan: compare the Ancient Greek πτελέα "elm"). In Minnesota about 1900, 'poples' was a common term for poplar trees.